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Essential Skills, Knowledge, And Resources You Need So You Can Make Your Own Medicine And Grown Your Own Food

Food abundance . . . natural health . . . and self-reliance. These are the gifts I want for MY family and friends in what’s sure to be an increasingly uncertain future to come.

After all, who really needs another whazzit gadget?

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  • Essential Skills, Knowledge, And Resources You Need So You Can Make Your Own Medicine And Grown Your Own Food

    Food abundance . . . natural health . . . and self-reliance. These are the gifts I want for MY family and friends in what’s sure to be an increasingly uncertain future to come.

    After all, who really needs another whazzit gadget?!

    Or another As-Seen-On TV gift?

    When we continue to sit on the brink of a national food shortage, and antibiotic-resistance bugs are popping up everywhere . . . Right???

    I've pulled together my most impactful and powerful DVD sets to make it easy for you to give the gift of priceless, and potentially lifesaving knowledge this holiday season!

    Get this 4 DVD Bundle at an even BIGGER savings than I've ever offered before, plus I'll throw in all the BONUS GIFTs that usually come with these DVD purchases:

    Be Ready To Fight Your Next Infection Naturally With "Treating Infections Without Antibiotics"!

    Learn What You Can Do, At Home, To Care For Infections Before You Make Another Desperate Trip To The Doctor!

    With the knowledge gained from watching “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics,” you’ll have the skills to battle many infections, minor and even some serious ones, with 100% natural, easy-to-remember treatments you’ll master in minutes!

    As you may already know, the glory days of antibiotics are over.

    Through the overuse of antibiotics, we’ve helped nature breed dangerous strains of superbugs that are quite literally killing us.

    Our medical system is being driven back to the late 1800s . . . A time when simple infections once again kill.

    When antibiotics no longer work, knowledge of ancient healing traditions that cultures around the world have relied on for 1,000s of years before the rise of “modern medicine” will be critical for our survival.

    And that’s why I teamed up with Doug Simons, to create this important DVD series.

    In it, Doug will take you on an empowering journey . . . introducing you to powerful natural healing practices that you can apply immediately to treat almost any injury to speed healing while avoiding inflammation and infection.

    Learn to Confidentially Act In The Moment To Treat Injuries, Infections, & Wounds That Include:

    • Spider Bites
    • Insect Bites
    • Snake Bites
    • Animal Bites
    • Blood Poisoning
    • Splinters
    • Fluid Retention
    • Swelling
    • Inflammation
    • Rashes
    • Boils & Cysts
    • Burns
    • Puncture Wounds
    • Conjunctivitis
    • Bone Breaks
    • Painful Wounds
    • Strains & Sprains
    • Cuts & Gashes
    • Shock
    • Agitation
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Eye Wounds
    • Much More!

    In just over 2 hours, this DVD series will show you how to potentially save lives in grid-down situations when antibiotics are no longer available, or when we’ve hit the point that antibiotics don’t work anymore.

    Plus, you’ll get the skills you need to treat common injuries at home, instead of rushing to the hospital and risking exposure to secondary infections and disease.

    A $75 Value

    Healing Your Teeth, With "Alternatives To Dentists"

    If you want to reclaim your power to heal yourself . . . this is a must-watch DVD!

    In “Alternatives To Dentists” I have once again teamed up with amazing holistic healer Doug Simons, who reveals the secrets to taking care of your dental health, without using manufactured chemicals or fluoride . . .

    . . . And instead, care for your teeth using only things found in nature!

    I’ve personally been using Doug’s methods for more than 3 years now, and I couldn’t be happier or healthier.

    ​Yes, you too can have squeaky-clean teeth without going to the dentist frequently. And, yes, you can prevent and help heal cavities at home, and potentially save yourself from dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars on visits to the dentist.

    ​In this DVD, you too will learn secrets that include:

    • Dental hygiene without brushes, paste, or floss. 
    • Secrets to preventing cavities & healing cavities with herbs.
    • 100% natural tooth care!
    • Treating abscesses with herbs and poultices.
    • Doug’s thoughts on wisdom teeth, gum health, and root canals.
    • Understanding modern dentistry.

    And so much more!

    After living as an herbalist and holistic healer, living off the grid in the New Mexico wilderness where Doug learned from primitive peoples including the Tarahumara Indians of North Western Mexico . . . Doug brings you a wealth of knowledge, teaching you how to take care of your teeth with things found in nature!

    A $80 Value

    See Why Growing Your Own Food Is Like Printing Your Own Money!

    Learn How To Grow Healthy, Nutritious Food In Your Backyard . . . In Less Than An Hour Per Day!

    Did you know that according to the USDA, the average family of four spends $15,429 per year on food?

    Yet if you can dedicate even just an hour per day to growing your own food using the techniques I share in these 2 DVDs, you really can grow a LOT . . . Enough to save a ton of money at the grocery store every year!

    That's part of the reason why, on the "Grow Your Own Groceries" DVD Set, I reveal how most of my family's food is grown with only a few hours of time and labor invested per week.

    (Often less than 7 hours!)

    Plus, along the way, you’ll see how this system can be condensed to work on your lot, whether it's an average city lot or small acreage.

    Every family can enjoy nutritious, organic, homegrown food in less than an hour per day. This system has been specially designed to help you produce an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats and eggs simply and easily, without buying a lot of extra “stuff.”

    • How to grow healthy, safe, organic food in your backyard in less than an hour per day.
    • The easiest gardening method that produces the most food with the least amount of work.
    • Producing healthy meat and eggs with little or no feed.
    • How to water your garden so you can use less water but still get great yields.
    • What you shouldn’t do and the biggest mistakes to avoid.
    • How to turn any soil into fertile black gold.
    • Proven techniques for protecting your bounty from predators.
    • Home butchering so simple, even the kids can do it.
    • Free food from edible landscaping and food forests.

    . . . And much, much more!

    Almost every other gardening, livestock, or food production method assumes you’ll spend a lot of money at garden centers!

    Grow Your Own Groceries is DIFFERENT.

    Because I focus on how to grow deeply nutritious, clean food in a truly sustainable way . . . without the costly store-bought extras!

    Which means you’ll always be able to grow your own food - Even if times get difficult.

    A $80 Value

    The Most Humane Way To Eat Organic, Free-Range Chicken

    See Firsthand How 98% Of The Experience Is About Giving Your Chickens A Great Life (While Saying NO to Factory Farms)

    ​People tell me they don’t WANT to eat factory-farmed chicken. They WANT to raise their own chickens, give them a great life, and know that they died humanely.

    But they’re overcome with worry . . . fussing about the last step . . . the actual processing of the birds.

    So, absurdly, they continue to support factory farms . . .

    Stop Fearing The Unknowns!

    Very little of the experience of raising meat chickens has ANYTHING to do with the actual processing of the birds, and that’s what I will demonstrate for you in "Raising Meat Chickens".

    For 9 weeks, you’ll follow me around my property - I’ll show you everything I do!

    Demystifying the entire process, ​from brooding pen to pasture, you’ll see how easy it is to:

    • Get your chicks from a local hatchery. (I’ll tell you who to contact, when you’re getting started).
    • Prepare a stress-free environment for the chicks.
    • ​​Set up a brooding pen, complete with fresh water, feed, bedding, and a reliable heat source.
    • Create a secure space for your chicks to “free range,” with unlimited access to sunlight, fresh greens, and bugs.
    • Make sure your flock is antibiotic- and hormone-free!
    • Keep your chickens safe from predators.

    So that you’ll see for yourself that raising chickens for meat doesn’t need to be complicated or hard.

    In fact . . . Almost everything can go WRONG, and you can still give these chickens a life far superior to factory farm life, process them humanely . . . And end up with a freezer full of organic, free-range chicken that's nutrient dense and free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

    A $85 Value

    ​​Oh, And Here’s Even Better News . . .

    Even though you’re receiving the Self-Reliant DVD Bundle at an impressive discount . . . I’m still going to send you all the usual bonus gifts that come with these DVD Sets, too!

    It’ll get too convoluted if I list them all here, but here's my 2 favorite Bonuses that I'll be sending to you, and you can check out the individual sales pages for each DVD if you’re really curious about all the included digital bonuses.

    Bonus #1

    The Original MoraKniv

    This extraordinary, all-purpose knife is exactly what every outdoorsman, homesteader, survivalist, and gardener needs to tackle quick, everyday jobs. Refined over centuries by the smiths of Mora, combining unmatched Swedish steel with matchless craftmanship.

    A $35 Value - Yours FREE!

    Bonus #2

    Natural Dental Care Starter Kit

    Complete with the 2 tools Doug reccomends to use when getting with the techniques he teached in “Alternatives To Dentists”. Plus, they come in a cloth bag so it's easy for you to keep your dental kit at hand, either at home, or on the go!

    A $35 Value - Yours FREE!

    Plus, 20 Additional Digital Bonuses!

    A Combined $400+ Value, Yours FREE!

    A Total Bundle Price Of $320 . . .

    Claim Yours While Supplies Last For Only $75!

    Limited-Time Flash Sale - Now Only $45!

    ​Good News For Our International Members - We CAN ship the Self-Reliance Bundle internationally to most countries!​

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